vTiger Development

vTiger is a cloud based and open source customer relationship management (CRM) platform. The system offers reporting, customer portal and Outlook plugin features in its free edition along with added functionalities such as new interface, advanced reporting and mass emailing for campaigns.

The features offered by vTiger include -

  • Sales automation functions – inventory management, billing, product entry
  • Marketing automation functions – lead generation, campaign support, knowledge database
  • Customer support function with self-service portal
  • Reporting and analysis

vTiger is an ideal CRM platform for start-ups and SMEs who are seeking scalable CRM solutions for their business. Adone Group offers the complete vTiger CRM consultancy service to client along with installation, setup, data management and training. Further, we also offer migration and maintenance as standalone service.

vTiger installation is done on HTML/PHP web interface and it uses MySQL for database management. For proper functioning of the CRM, it is essential to use the correct versions and seamless integration with no data loss requires careful planning. Our vTiger developers will cerate a complete plan for installation and activation of the CRM system so that your business faces no data loss or migration glitches.