CodeIgniter Application Development

CodeIgniter is an open source PHP based rapid web application development framework. The secret behind the development speed it offers is the rich library the framework has for most common coding tasks so that fresh codes needn't be written from scratch. Built with the model view controller (MVC) pattern, this framework offers a great deal of developmental flexibility with a simple usage model.

At Adone Group we use CodeIgniter to create robust web application on a strict budget, which need to be executed in a very short time frame. CodeIgniter requires developers to only setup database to make it ready for programming, we ensure that the data transfer and management is done in a secure fashion throughout the development process. CodeIgniter has earned the moniker of being the "Quickest PHP framework", and Adone web application developers are higly proficient with its various functionalities, which enables them to execute the projects at a faster pace.

Our CodeIgniter web development services include -

  • CodeIgniter application development
  • CodeIgniter customisation
  • CodeIgniter integration
  • CodeIgniter upgrade and migration
  • CodeIgniter application migration
  • CodeIgniter ecommerce development
  • CodeIgniter CMS development
  • CodeIgniter portal development

At Adone Group we first understand client requirement before advising them on the platform for development. We use the qppropriate platform to deliver the best results, delivering high value with our creation.

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