BizTalk Development

BizTalk is a Microsoft developed server that automates business processes through adapters that are designed to communicate with different software systems used in the company.

It enables companies to -

  • integrate enterprise applications
  • automate business processes
  • undertake B2B communication
  • message broker
  • monitor business activities

Adone Group can align the various features and functionalities of BizTalk to your business' specific requirement, automating your business processes and messaging system to enable business growth and data assimiliation. We provide installation, configuration and related technical consultation as part of the BizTalk development service. Our Microsoft certified BizTalk consultants will support your business by analysing, designing, developing and integrating customised BizTalk solutions in your workflow processes.

The advantage that Adone Group presents lies in the smooth integration of multiple applications across diverse platforms without disturbing the operations.

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