Application Maintenance

Application maintenance services at Adone Group are designed to ensure that your existing applications continue to perform optimally. We consudct complete maintainability analysis before defining maintenance and enhancement requirements. Our developers use structured tools to enhance the life of your systems and ensure that they stay updated and relevant.

Our application maintenance is conducted to -

  • reduce downtime
  • minimise maintenance expenses
  • ensure you can concentrate more on your business activites by managing support operations

We offer the following application maintenance services -

  • Preventive services -
    • re-engineering
    • repairing
    • updating
    • upgrading
  • Routine maintenance services -
    • performance checups
    • testing
    • minor repairs

We offer cost-effective and time effecient application maintenance and support services to clients. Our expertise spans across platforms, databses, languages, software and web and mobile applications.

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