AJAX Application Development

Asynchronous JavaScript and XML or AJAX is a bunch of programming techniques used to create asynchronous web applications. Web applications can send and retreive data through a server asychronously without interfering with the existing page.AJAX programmin is used to exchange small amount of data in the background while the application is running, this enables the application to run smoothly without interrupting the speed or performance. Small quanityt of fata is saved while the application is running so that there is minimum data loss.

Adone Group programmers use AJAX programming to develop cross-platform applications and effecient and effective web applications that are rich in utility and work smoothly with other applications too.

With AJAX application development, we offer -

  • Back-base AJAX framework
  • AJAX.NET frameworkfor .NET web application development
  • We combine AJAX with the following technologies for application development -
    • XML and XSLT for data exchange
    • HTML as mark up language
    • CSS for custom styles
    • JavaScript for scripting language
    • HTTP for asynchronus data exchange with web server
    • AJAX development with Jquery

Adone Group delivers full-cycle IT solutions from analysis, implementation to support using comprehensive tools and techniques. We apply agile development methodologies and fast development processes to shorten time-to-market cycle.

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